Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Path Statement

Do you see yourself as Invisible?

Are you Dying to become a part of

Watch and see if you can meet the

I walk a lonely path.
To find truth.
Now I have found the Truth.
I am left to show you the way.
The path is for me, a lone warrior.
Who want to warn you all.
The war is coming
only those who are ready
will stand and fight.
Only the willing will be called.
only the trusting will be asked.
Will you stand & fight.

Not all paths are ment to be followed. As life comes and goes someone must carry it on. It is a promise I have made years ago that I know keep. I feel the burden of this task. That is mine and mine alone. I am aided by Him and for that I am grateful. My path however, is not for those who do not have faith and do not trust in the Truth.

Even in darkness
He will be there
to guide the way.
If you need help
he will help.
If you need a friend
He will do that for you as well

What am I doing there?
I am there to offer Truth of His Love.

I am the kind of person who loves to be happy but sadly
this is not the case for everyone. As you have see in these
pictures sadness is something this in our every day lives.
I see people fade into the back ground and never truly
live life. Are you one of those people who just fades into
the back ground? Well, I challenge you to become a
person again. Stand out. Show the world what you can
do. Be brave. It is not as bad as it may seem out here.
Malchi Mykeal Zohar